Is your website working well?

Who’s looking at you? Make your web site work harder and reel in those leads and prospects.

Effective, optimized web sites:

  • Consistently rise to the top on major search engines
  • Tell who and what first
  • Generate leads

Optimize Your Company’s Website Performance
When you want to find out more about a company, where do you go? The Internet. Of course. Studies show that 88% of all professionals use the Internet to conduct their research about other companies. In fact, 67% of Chief Information Officers use the Internet when making purchasing decisions.

Even given the high numbers of usage, professionals in the Internet world continue to speculate about the effectiveness of a company’s web site, particularly how well a company performs on search engines. Because everyone knows that whoever comes up first wins the race. And probably the business. Which makes the science and art of Search Engine Optimization a continuing specialized discipline as companies strive for optimal performance on Google and Yahoo when searching on keywords.

So, what does it take to be number one or even number five or ten on an Internet search? How do you optimize your website?

First things first. Look at your messaging. Change the messaging so it reflects what you do and who you serve. Make sure your headlines resonate with this message as many search engines now crawl through the web and search headlines.

What’s next? Optimize your search engine keywords. Most think that this is accomplished through meta tags but unfortunately these tags are not used by major search engines which actually search the text of home pages and other landing pages. Messaging now becomes even more critical—be succinct and tell what you do and for whom.

Time to advertise?
Through Search Engine Marketing (specifically keyword advertising), you can advertise on search engines and get your name out to the world rather quickly. Keyword advertising is as affordable as you want, and many services only charge you for the actual clicks that your advertisements receive. It can be quite a cost effective way to generate awareness and generate leads for your company.

Regardless, you need to compete for the top ranking on search pages, an objective which can be quite costly. Sometimes you will pay as much as $10 or more for a click to your web site, which is not a lot if you are converting them to a $10,000 or $100,000 sale. This is why investing a little into your web site pays huge dividends.

Web site and Search Engine Optimization utilize a delicate combination of science and art, but once you optimize your web site, you can see enormous returns. Some JS Group clients receive dozens of leads per week via their web site, continually building their prospect funnel with very little investment. Proof positive that a little forethought and planning can reap huge rewards.

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