Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information and The Golden Rule
RFID Switchboard and Next-Tech Markets is managed by a group of individuals who care about protecting the rights and privacy of other individuals, as well as our own. Therefore Next-Tech Markets, our parent company SIKO Communications Corp., officers and staff alike, use the Golden Rule when considering all aspects of privacy: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Our Pledge
Next-Tech Markets pledges we will never take or use your data without your knowledge or permission. Next-Tech requires rigorous legal and ethical standards from all 3rd-party data partners and participating networks using this advertising co-op, and demands they honor all applicable laws regarding the collection and use of data.

All websites participating in this advertising co-op are under separate ownership, independent of Next-Tech Markets. Next-Tech promotes the philosophy to all partners that protecting the privacy of personal information is of paramount importance.

Any abuse of this Golden Rule of Data by technology provider or publishing member will not be tolerated, and Next-Tech retains the right to immediately sever connections with any party acting in violation of data security concerns or privacy abuse.

Rights and Responsibilities
Literally thousands of cookies and data tags currently track you internet usage. No privacy policy of Next-Tech Markets will change that. This is true for all but a handful of the most technologically sophisticated users who are rigorously focused on their own privacy.

Black & white decisions on data usage are no longer possible. One widely respected and logical starting place is to not reveal personally identifiable information (PII) about a website’s visitors, members or subscribers. Next-Tech Markets will never share PII registration or subscription data from member websites.

Many publishing websites in particular have an interest in making site visitors’ experience a rewarding one, which requires cookies. Some Next-Tech partners track if you click on certain advertisements, other pages viewed and other indications of your online preferences. Next-Tech Markets does not participate in this data collection nor knowingly facilitate the sharing of this data by ad co-op partners or participants.

No ad co-op members will ever have direct access to another partner’s web or user data, although non-PII data may be used in the advertising co-op to better target advertising messages. This may include what is known about your industry, job function, seniority, company size and location.

Aggregated data for the Co-op is used for inventory management and promoting category ad sales. To the best of its ability, Next-Tech Markets will keep careful oversight of cookie usage to ensure your data is not being abused by data exchanges or other companies.

Ultimately there is little control any one company has over the data known about individuals by “the cloud” aka the World Wide Web. Next-Tech Markets is determined to do its part to watch over its tiny portion of that.